Airing Disputes

Disagreements will be kept private and discussed openly only with the parties directly involved and the network directors / coordinators. Publicly airing official or unofficial disputes, making inter-network arguments public, personal or ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated. This pertains to any company member or corporate sponsor of any AIN Group network, personnel or officers working with any AIN Group member company / corporate sponsor or with AIN Group staff.

Included in this regulation is aggressive behavior toward any member company / corporate sponsor, representative thereof or AIN Group staff. Aggressive behavior can include verbal attacks and / or threats (whether oral or written), physical attacks, defamatory or slanderous behavior, lying / misrepresentation, etc.

Defaming by broadcast email, group emails (whether in to, cc or bcc) at any AIN Group sponsored communication tool (such as, but not limited to members only areas of websites, social media profiles / pages / channels, mobile messenger app groups etc. are unacceptable. It is also unacceptable to do so at AIN Group events, conferences, or at AIN Group booths at exhibitions.

Acting in any such way will result in an immediate expulsion from membership without refund. Additionally, spreading and re-broadcasting others’ private disputes by negatively taking part in the , reply all, forwarding, etc., said messages will draw a warning from AIN Group. The second time may also result in expulsion from the group.