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About AerOceaNetwork (AON)

AON Membership comes with a multitude of benefits. From networking opportunities at global members’ meetings to a sound financial protection program and additional perks provided by our affiliate companies, your journey with AON is filled with advantages.

The AerOceaNetwork (AON) is unique in the world of logistics networking

AerOceaNetwork (AON) stands out as a premier commercial cargo network, offering a seamless and comprehensive solution for independent freight forwarders. Within the vast landscape of freight forwarding, where expertise can range from niche cargo to a broad spectrum of services, AON provides a unified platform that eliminates the need for membership in multiple groups.

Our network ensures that no matter your area of expertise or the specific demands of your cargo, you can find trusted professionals within AON to handle it efficiently and reliably. Joining AON means tapping into a global network tailored to support the full spectrum of your logistics services, all under one roof.

We give you depth and breadth in logistics around the world. AON takes care of all your many clients’ logistics needs.

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Why Choose AON

Unleash Your Logistics Power with AerOceaNetwork

Discover a World of Freight Forwarding Possibilities

Cultivate Everlasting Bonds

Nurturing Connections Beyond the Business Realm

Networking Excellence

Elevate Your Business with AON’s Unique Advantages

Unlock Your Logistics Potential with AerOceaNetwork

Your Gateway to a Vibrant Community of Forward-Thinking Freight Forwarders

Are you a forward-thinking freight forwarder aiming to stand out in your market? AerOceaNetwork (AON) beckons you to unlock your logistics potential and become part of a dynamic community of like-minded, independent international freight forwarders. Operating within the esteemed AIN Group since 2003, AON transcends the typical role of a logistics network; it’s a global team of positive international logistics professionals committed to managing top-tier logistics companies.

Our Amazing Team Members

Gary Dale Cearley

Executive Director

Robert Leech
Business Development Manager
Pawika Naiswasdi (Fon)
Membership Coordinator

Building Lasting Connections

Where Personal Ties Evolve into Lifelong Friendships

For over two decades, AON Logistics Network has exemplified unmatched knowledge, reliability, and adaptability in the dynamic logistics landscape. In today’s fast-evolving world, the logistics industry requires partners capable of swift adaptation. AON stands out as a frontrunner, uniting logistics experts to provide clients with unparalleled expertise and reliability.

Beyond business, AON prioritizes lasting connections at annual meetings, cultivating personal ties evolving into lifelong friendships. Joining this community is an investment in enduring international relationships shaping the future of freight-forwarding endeavors.

Curious about AON Membership? We actively seek positive individuals leading progressive companies. Our criteria ensure a collaborative and supportive network, with benefits extending beyond. Experience global networking opportunities, financial protection, and perks from affiliate companies. Step into a world where unlocking logistics potential means collaboration and excellence. Apply for AON Membership today to elevate your cargo business with reliable and progressive international partners.

High work achievements

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What Our Clients Think About Us

Philipp Seiler, CEO

We have been in the AON family for years. The network has helped us building connections and friends worldwide.

Seiler Logistics AG – Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Chloe Liu

We are incredibly grateful for the dedication and expertise of AON network. We feel safe and are protected when something happened.

They are really act very quickly and always positive for the issue between members.

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Wellfast Logistics Co.,Ltd. – China

Tony Fordham, President

Being a member of the AON for the past 7 year has really help Globalcare Logistics grow and compete at the highest level!

The partners in this network are very responsive and supportive in all areas! The AON staff are very easy to work with and are on hand 24/7 to assist if and when needed. I would recommend this network to anyone looking to expand their global options!

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Globalcare Logistics Inc. – USA

Steve Love, Vice-President of Operations

Since becoming part of the AON team almost a decade ago, working with our network partners has been pivotal

to our success. We feel that we always have prompt responses and excellent overall service from the agents in the network. We are appreciative of the AON management team and support staff. This group does a marvelous job communicating with members and emphasizing support within the AON network. The annual meetings are put together in a manner that allows for productive business meetings and ample time to allow fellow members to get to know one another in more casual atmospheres

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Saturn Freight Systems, Inc. – USA

Aksh Thakkar

I have had the privilege of working with AON, and I must say it’s been a game-changer for our logistics needs. AON seamlessly connects agents

from around the world, making global logistics feel easy. Their dedication to streamlining operations and fostering collaboration among agents is truly commendable. It’s been a pleasure partnering with AON, and I look forward to continued success through their network and many more years to this successful collaboration.

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TICC Container Line - Mumbai, India

Companies Who Trust Us

Don’t just take our word, we boast a wide range of network members that come from the biggest names in the logistics industry.