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Every member of AerOceaNetwork is covered by our Financial Safeguard Program. Engaging with fellow network members means you’re automatically insured against the financial risks of deliberate non-payment or insolvency, up to a pre-set limit under the program’s rules. This assurance allows members to conduct business with confidence, knowing their financial interests are safeguarded in the event of covered incidents.

Oceans Integrity

This marine conservation initiative is a leading global social endeavor committed to extracting microplastics and plastics from our oceans. We stand as the premier option for logistics organizations aiming to enhance their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance and achieve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Container xChange

Container xChange is at the forefront of online solutions for container logistics, uniting industry players to efficiently manage, reserve, and track shipping containers, while streamlining associated workflows and financial transactions.


Global freight forwarding is a $300B industry that facilitates the movement of cargo from one place to another through a series of manual and legacy processes.


SHIPNEXT offers a seamless platform for immediate matching of cargo with appropriate shipping vessels, providing solutions for shipping route planning and facilitating negotiations for various types of cargo, including breakbulk, dry-bulk, wet-bulk, and container shipments.


Centralizing logistics operations within a unified global database is crucial for maintaining operational continuity, enabling growth, and ensuring data security.

Advantages of Partnership

AON Logistics Network is committed to collaborating with a select group of partners, ensuring your client's objectives are met with precision and punctuality.

Network of Prime Members

Partnering with AON grants you access to our broad network of prime clients, expanding the reach of your services and benefits.

Brand Visibility Enhancement

As an affiliate partner, your brand gains enhanced credibility, significantly impacting your market presence and industry reputation.

Specialized Expertise

Our partners are leaders in their domains, providing you with the assurance of top-tier expertise for every commercial cargo service you require.


Whether facing a small task or a large-scale project, our network is equipped to connect you with the right resources to boost your profitability and efficiency, especially during demand spikes.

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