To apply to become an AerOceaNetwork member please read the following information carefully and then fill out the simple form below:

Pointers to remember while completing the application form…

It is very important in filling out the online application form is that you provide the four references we request. These references should be overseas agents who have worked with your office.

The references will require complete contacts (company name, name, direct phone / mobile and direct e-mail). The references provided should be:

  1. Senior management
  2. In companies outside of your home country market
  3. Have two years experience in working with your company
  4. Should be in non-related agent companies (should not have substantial cross shareholdings or in the same group as your company)

Also, each branch office that is applying to come into AON will also have to supply a minimum of three references that will attest to their own ability to handle shipments. This requirement is due to the fact that we have found in the past some companies who were very good in one location and not very good in others. We are diligent in making sure that all offices carrying our membership are up to standard.

Remember, applications without the four overseas agent references will be returned to you!

Once we have this application, then the executive director will personally follow up on the references. Should the references give you good recommendations and the information regarding your company’s background and reputation be verifiable then you should be offered membership. Once an official notification has been sent to you about your acceptance our accounts will send the membership invoice to you. Once this is paid then we will add you to the directory and announce you to all of the members!

AerOceaNetwork annual membership dues are USD 2000.00 per head office and USD 1000.00 per branch (per country).
Also,since August 23rd, 2008, all members are required to enroll in our financial protection program so there is an additional expense for this. The fees for head offices are USD 450.00 for USD 20,000.00 annual coverage and USD 600.00 for USD 30,000.00 annual coverage. Branch offices are an additional expense.
If you have any questions regarding the costs of membership or require clarification on what charges your company will incur, please contact us BEFORE submitting an application.