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Benefits of joining AerOceaNetwork (AON)

AerOceaNetwork Delivers Smart Solutions for Freight Forwarding Excellence

Our network’s members are distinguished by their commitment to delivering superior services and enhancing the collective capabilities of our group. As a member of our elite circle, you stand to gain significantly by maximizing your investment, with all essential resources consolidated for your convenience. Join us and leverage a single, comprehensive group of professionals for all your freight forwarding needs.

Member Benefits

Travel Cost Savings
Maximizing Sales Potential
Increased Efficiency
Improved Tracking and Visibility
Greater Flexibility
Financial Protection
Logistics Specialists

Travel Cost Savings

Joining AerOceaNetwork translates to substantial cost savings for your business. By eliminating the need for multiple, costly overseas trips to meet with agents, AON condenses a year’s worth of travel into a single, efficient event. This not only saves on airfare and accommodation expenses but also reduces the time and resources spent on coordinating such meetings, allowing you to allocate your budget more effectively towards your core operations.

Maximizing Sales Potential

Harness the power of AerOceaNetwork’s global partnerships to expand your sales reach. Members enjoy the privilege of collaborating with vetted experts, ensuring reliable and expertly managed logistics services worldwide. This network fosters trust and confidence, enabling joint sales ventures that are backed by a collective of industry specialists. With AON, you gain a competitive edge, financial protection, and a community dedicated to mutual sales growth and success. or exhibition, our network of industry specialists provide the best value for money and ensure results.

Increased Efficiency

AerOceaNetwork is designed to streamline your operations and increase your efficiency. By connecting you with a network of proven experts in their local markets, AON facilitates smoother transactions and quicker turnaround times. This network-wide efficiency is a cornerstone of our offering, ensuring that your business can operate at a higher capacity and meet the demands of clients swiftly.

Improved Tracking and Visibility

Through our AerOceaNetwork affiliates, you can gain improved tracking and visibility for your shipments. Our network’s infrastructure is built to provide you with up-to-date information and oversight across the entire shipping process. This enhanced visibility not only fosters trust with your clients but also allows you to manage and optimize your logistics operations with greater precision.


Greater flexibility

AerOceaNetwork offers unparalleled flexibility in managing diverse cargo needs. Our network’s global reach means that no matter the type of cargo or destination, you have a reliable partner that can adapt to the specific requirements of each shipment. This flexibility ensures that you can cater to your customers’ unique needs with ease and confidence.

Financial protection

By choosing AerOceaNetwork, you are opting for a network that prioritizes financial protection. Our membership includes only financially sound companies, which ensures that all interactions within the network are secure and reliable. This financial vetting process provides peace of mind and stability, safeguarding your business transactions across the globe.


Logistics specialists

AerOceaNetwork is a congregation of logistics specialists, each a master in their respective market. As a member, you tap into this reservoir of expertise, gaining insights and support from some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. This collective wisdom not only enhances your service offering but also empowers your business to navigate complex logistics challenges with expert guidance.

Philipp Seiler, CEO

We have been in the AON family for years. The network has helped us building connections and friends worldwide.

Seiler Logistics AG – Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Chloe Liu

We are incredibly grateful for the dedication and expertise of AON network. We feel safe and are protected when something happened.

They are really act very quickly and always positive for the issue between members.

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Wellfast Logistics Co.,Ltd. – China

Tony Fordham, President

Being a member of the AON for the past 7 year has really help Globalcare Logistics grow and compete at the highest level!

The partners in this network are very responsive and supportive in all areas! The AON staff are very easy to work with and are on hand 24/7 to assist if and when needed. I would recommend this network to anyone looking to expand their global options!

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Globalcare Logistics Inc. – USA

Steve Love, Vice-President of Operations

Since becoming part of the AON team almost a decade ago, working with our network partners has been pivotal

to our success. We feel that we always have prompt responses and excellent overall service from the agents in the network. We are appreciative of the AON management team and support staff. This group does a marvelous job communicating with members and emphasizing support within the AON network. The annual meetings are put together in a manner that allows for productive business meetings and ample time to allow fellow members to get to know one another in more casual atmospheres

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Saturn Freight Systems, Inc. – USA

Aksh Thakkar

I have had the privilege of working with AON, and I must say it’s been a game-changer for our logistics needs. AON seamlessly connects agents

from around the world, making global logistics feel easy. Their dedication to streamlining operations and fostering collaboration among agents is truly commendable. It’s been a pleasure partnering with AON, and I look forward to continued success through their network and many more years to this successful collaboration.

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TICC Container Line - Mumbai, India