What you can expect from Membership in AerOceaNetwork

You will become part of a highly respected group of international forwarding agencies around the world.

You will know that we have evaluated the companies with which you are co-operating, through the same process that you underwent to gain AON Membership. Moreover, you will be able to work together with other Members with the confidence of knowing that they are proven experts in their home markets.

Travel Efficiency

Do you want to travel to meet with all of your overseas agents? If so, have your checkbook ready because the costs in air fare and hotels will be eye watering.

However, if you are a Member of AerOceaNetwork you will save buckets of money in travel expenses because you can see everyone together in one place and at one time. You will be able to condense a year’s worth of agency visits into three days, and get to see all of your partners in one location. You cannot beat this kind of exposure.

Increase in Global Coverage for your Cargo

Does your customer need an airfreight consignment brought in from Vietnam? You have him covered! Does he need customs clearance and door-to-door delivery in Australia? You are covered there as well! How about a quote for ocean freight that has to be shipped from the Czech Republic outbound via a northern German port and onwards to Brazil? You can do it!

AerOceaNetwork gives you coverage so you will not ever have to tell your customer they need to go somewhere else. Moreover, in the difficult places around the world where uncertainties abound, AON Members are there too.

AON Brand

You will be happy to tell your clients that you have them covered by AerOceaNetwork agents because you will have met all of them. The level of service of AON Members ensures that your customers’ shipments will adhere to the shipping standards that they, and you, require. AON Membership assures your customers that their shipment is in good hands.

Networking Effectiveness

We hold annual meetings in countries around the world on a rotational basis. At such meetings you can also expect interesting information in regional and specialists sub-groups. And we guarantee that, if you come to the meetings prepared and do your requisite follow up, you will go home with real business in your sales pipeline – if not business in hand. That is the solid value of the AerOceaNetwork.


AerOceaNetwork Members are covered by our group fund, so will have financial protection in dealing with other Members. This is important when dealing with companies for the first time but also in ongoing business. The AON financial protection fund, in addition to our Membership regulations, maintains standards in dealing with other Members.