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AGL Co., Ltd. contributes in the export and humanitarian transport of COVID-19 test kits

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Even as the World Health Organization (WHO) warns of a second-wave outbreak of COVID-19, the majority of countries around the world are emerging from lockdowns. Governments everywhere are acknowledging that in this context, the most secure and safe way to re-open their societies is to ensure that there is a competent system of testing and contract-tracing in place ahead of fully re-opening. As a result, Korean coronavirus test-kit manufacturers have been ramping up exports, in order to meet the demand of governments that want to implement the “Korean model” to keep their citizens safe while also reviving their economies.

AGL has emerged as a preferred partner for Korea’s major coronavirus test-kit and diagnostics companies, and they are proud to contribute in the export and humanitarian transport of these vital tools to fight COVID-19. From March 2020, AGL has worked with Seegene Inc., SD Biosensor, and the Green Cross to export more than 150 tons of test-kits and diagnostic devices to more than 15 countries, including the USA, Italy, and Brazil. AGL were the designated agent on the Korea-side to handle test-kit shipments for US government agency, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The first of this shipment garnered considerable international media attention, because it came about after a personal request from US President Donald Trump to the South Korean President, and AGL even appeared on Reuters. They are happy to receive fellow members’ questions and support however they can in relation to handling COVID test-kits and medical devices. AGL is also able to offer Sea-and-Air services for PPE from China via Korea to anywhere in the world.

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