Celebrating the 480 Years of Friendship: Portir Transitários at the Chamber of Commerce Event

Portir Transitários, Lda is pleased to share that on 23rd June, an exclusive lunch event took place in Porto, organized by the Chamber of Commerce Portugal/ Japan with the honorable presence of the Ambassador of Japan in Portugal and the governor of Nagasaki added great honor to the occasion.

As Portir Transitários a member of the Chamber of Commerce, it was a privilege for the team to attend this event.

The lunch served as part of the celebrations marking the 480 years of friendship between Portugal and Japan. It holds a significant historical significance as the first European, the Portuguese, arrived in Japan through Nagasaki. This has forged a unique and special connection between Portugal and Japan, particularly with Nagasaki.

Portir Transitários team cherish this shared history and the ongoing bond between the two nations.