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Mercomar handle Steel Structure from Hai Phong to Manzanillo

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Project Details:

  • POL: PTSC Sinh Vu Port, Hai Phong
  • POD: Manzanillo
  • Commodities:  Steel structure (main beams for machine x 4 units)
  • Total: 4 X 40FR // 91.250 KGS
  • Dimension: (LxWxH): 13.5 x 2.3m x 2.5m each

Each Steel structure was lashed/ secured from its lashing points to the lashing points of the container by 18 wire ropes Ø16 mm which were reinforced by 18 turnbuckles Ø20mm and 18 shackles Ø16mm along 04 sides of the container.

The wood wedges were used under the machine to prevent the machine from sliding longitudinally. All wire ropes were stretched by turnbuckles with allowable level.


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