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Overdue Payments Alert Form

All member partners of the AIN networks are covered by the Keystone Financial Protection Program. This means that whenever dealing with members of the same network they are always covered for legitimate expenses from any risk of willful non-payment or bankruptcy up to their chosen limit within the guidelines of the program. This coverage gives peace of mind to all participating members as they can know that their money will be protected in such cases covered by the program.

Though financial risk is automatically reduced by our application vetting system, members’ financial situations can change. In these cases our networks have this well managed through the Keystone program. Your money will be protected from bad debts.

In order to more closely monitor any company not paying on time, and resolve these issues more swiftly, we have now also introduced our Overdue Payment Alert System.

From now on, it will be mandatory that each company inform us of any overdue invoices from members. For example, for any invoices that become overdue in a given month, the Overdue Payment Alert System must be completed on or before the 15th of the following month. Therefore if an invoice is issued on the 19th May and the due date is 19th June. The form must be completed on or before the 15th July (if the invoice is still overdue). Failure to do so, will invalidate any future claim.

To access the form, you will need to log in into the website, where you will see the Payment Alert button in the Members Area

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