ADEKO Enterprises S.A in Port-au-Prince, Haiti joins AerOceaNetwork (AON)

We are happy to introduce our latest AerOceaNetwork (AON) member office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

ADEKO Enterprises S.A

42, Boulevard Toussaint Louverture

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Tel: +509 2816-0880 / + 509 2815-2815


Contact: Jean Marc Antoine – President

ADEKO Enterprises S.A services include.

Ships Agency : They offer full agency services to any vessels arriving to ports in Haiti

Freight forwarder: They are one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Haiti.

Custom brokerage agency : With their in-house broker they offer an excellent clearance service for all type of cargo


We welcome ADEKO Enterprises S.A in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to the AON team!