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Amrus Logistics Inc ship dismantled Komatsu Dump Trucks from the USA to Russia

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Amrus Logistics Inc ship dismantled Komatsu Dump Trucks from the USA to Russia

Amrus Logistics recently completed a shipment from the USA to Russia. The cargo included 3 charter shipments of dismantled Komatsu Dump Trucks 730E comprising of 8, 9 and 4 units. The 8 and 9 of these units were shipped from Peoria, IL to Magadan, Russia via Houston whilst the other 4 units from Peoria, IL to Vladivostok, Russia via port of Everett, WA.

Mining equipment is currently a really hot commodity in Russia, since oil and gas production is currently under sanctions, mining has increased all over Russia. New technologies being introduced with more automation and efficiency makes a booming business.

These shipments were complicated as the components were being shipped from different locations and countries. The main freight was originated in Peoria, IL and the wheel motors were originated in Dallas, Texas. The biggest challenge facing Amrus Logistics was the request by the consignee to deliver ASAP, so they had to book the vessels just in time for last load to arrive to the port as the usual laycan of 7-10 days was too big.

Amrus Logistics had to coordinate daily with all vendors regarding the availability of the freight. On the last shipment via Everett, the supplier ran into some delays with manufacturing, thus Amrus Logistics had to find a solution and decided to ship 2 complete trucks and 2 partial trucks without the bodies.

According to Amrus Logistics the 2 additional bodies will be shipped by common carrier on a 40’ FR. Amrus Logistics will have to receive, nest and arrange the delivery to the port for this super heavy and over dimensional freight.


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