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Global Freight and virtual reality specialist join forces to save lives in South Asia

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Anton Gunter from Global Freight with Tim Luft from VR Simulation Systems (seated) in one of the simulators

Global Freight and virtual reality specialist join forces to save lives in South Asia

Global Freight is driving the delivery of virtual reality into South Asia after forging a new partnership with an innovative technology firm.

Global Freight has shipped three hi-tech driving simulators to Bangladesh for virtual reality specialist VR Simulation Systems Limited in what is believed to be a first for the country.

The simulator pods, which have all been designed and built by VR Simulation Systems at its Telford headquarters, will be used to train drivers including police officers in hazardous road situations in a bid to reduce the numbers of deaths on the country’s highways and improve safety.

The simulators use footage filmed by the firm in Bangalore to replicate the experience of driving in the country and the hazards that motorists face. The pods include a full motion seat with a bank of three screens that surround the user in a 200-degree sphere to give them a real life experience.

Tim Luft from VR Simulation Systems said: “It was a very exciting project to work on and we built the systems from scratch. Bangladesh is a hazardous environment to drive in and the virtual reality simulators give people the chance to learn new skills and improve their driving in a lifelike situation that includes all the challenges they would face on a real road, complete with noises like horns and animals wandering across the street.

“We are not a large exporter and it was the first time we had worked with Global Freight. Their experience was invaluable as the level of bureaucracy and paperwork was beyond what we would have been able to deal with.

“Following the success of this project, we are now hoping to break into the virtual reality market in Saudi Arabia with the support of Global Freight.”

Anton Gunter, National Sales Manager at Global Freight, which is based in Halesfield, Telford, said: “VR Simulation Systems is a classic example of the SMEs we work with to introduce their products into new markets.

“This was a complex export that involved a high degree of specialist knowledge to be able to complete it smoothly and our expertise made that happen.

“It’s good to be working with a local business and supporting them to expand and grow their international trade programme.”

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