AON member, International Fresh Forwarder, has a powerful team that works at home

The official document in Argentina to declare quarantine was on March 20, 2020 but a week before, International Fresh Forwarder had already resolved to work in a “home office” mode to safeguard the health of their staffs.

Making dynamic and active decisions to have adequate resolutions in advance is part of their philosophy as a company.

However, total isolation with suppliers and customers was not possible due to regulations that Argentinian customs have, such as the presentation of original documentation (bill of lading) on paper. For this reason, the directors of the company, Pablo Napolitano and Esteban Muzzio, had to carry out the tasks of external work in the middle of a desolate Buenos Aires. In compliance with sanitary protection measures and the enabling of circulation permits, since the Foreign trade was one of the essential activities allowed in the context of compulsory quarantine.

Their staffs have adapted the tasks from their home as a normal and fluid process since some of them had been working in this modality already. This way, the company, despite the quarantine, did not experience a drop in quality of service provided to its customers, working through virtual meetings and alternative ways of communication to continue providing the best care and response for all business operations.