AON member, Transforwarding S.L. handles luxury cars

AON member, Transforwarding S.L. handles luxury cars

There are some belongings that you wouldn’t entrust even to your best friend. But AON member, Transforwarding team is proud to say that their customers trust them. In that way they can say that one of our professional achievements is the successful and wide experience in handling luxury cars.

As usual the golden rule is checking every details of the loading before to proceed. But in this case, Transforwarding want to highlight the main points that ensure the car will arrive to destination in perfect conditions:

  • Check personally the loading and unloading at origin and destination pier.
  • A perfect tying up of the car.
  • Ensure the care travel with his cover put it on.
  • Switch off the car battery.
  • Empty the petrol deposit of the car.

Finally, you should remember the bureaucratic process required to export a car (permanently):

  • Copy of technical card of the car.
  • Unregister the car at origin country. (Spain: at DGT)
  • Circulation permission with the stamp of the unregistration at origin country.
  • Have properly updated the maintenance docs of the car. (In Spain called ITV)
  • The car must be registered on behalf of exporter or having the selling contract in case of commercial transaction.

“Your tranquillity, our work”