China Wellfast Logistics handles a shipment of Cantilever Excavators to Russia

China Wellfast Logistics recently completed a shipment of three Cantilever Excavators from Shanghai to Russia with only four days for their transit time.

Due to the weight and size of each unit of this commodity, which are big and heavy and cannot stack together, they decided to make a Loading Plan to ensure every truck was not overweight and the move could be completed safely. A total of 10 trucks were required!


Project details:

Commodity: 3 x Cantilever Excavator

Volume: 66 Packages

Total Weight: 269T

Dimensions: 418cbm.

Port of Loading and Discharge: Shanghai – Manzhouli – Russia

Scope of work: Loading Cantilever Excavator from a factory in Shanghai to the warehouse in Manzhouli Border. Manzhouli to Russian was handled by the Russian agent.

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