Company English Name Changing Notice

Company English Name Changing Notice

Longwind Logistics Co., LTD (formerly known as Logwing International Logistics Co., LTD) would like to make an announcement to the AON members.

To our valued clients and partners:

Please be noted that we will change our company English name from “Logwing International Logistics Co., LTD.” to “ Longwind Logistics Co. , LTD.” from 25th April, 2018.

Our Chinese company name will remain the same, but below things will be changed to new English name:

  1. Bank Beneficiary name will be changed to the new company name, please follow our statement bank details.
  2. Our Bill of Lading will be changed to new company name, so will the NVOCC certificate.
  3. Our email ID will change to, but the old email ID will still be in use for another 6 months.
  4. Our company website will be changed to