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Fashion logistics on highest service level – FlowFreight BV

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FlowFreight has specialised in the transportation and distribution of fashion and lifestyle articles for over many years. They are one of the leading forwarders for hanging garments in the Netherlands. With their worldwide network for hanging garments services they can offer their customers seamless inter-continental connections from door to door.

FlowFreight support their customers around the globe 24/7. FlowFreight organise within their own network the entire flow of goods worldwide from procurement and production to sales stores, because global, networked production systems, rapidly changing fashion collections and seasonal peaks above all require flexible logistics solutions. Their own retail logistics for wholesale and retail ensure that your fashion articles are always in the right place at the right time.

FlowFreight global network: Whether as sea freight or air freight, all your garments reach their destination on hanger’s end-to-end and via various modes of transport. With their warehouse nearby Schiphol airport and port of Rotterdam they are on top of business, so they do not lose any valuable time, because time is money! They can act fast and efficient to handle your imports and exports by any modes of transport!

Always wrinkle-free: FlowFreight deliver ready-to-sell goods to the point of sale on fixed delivery days, in fixed time frames – in accordance with your arrangements with FlowFreight. In this way, you can optimally control your internal processes. Within their network, they can offer you also reconditioning of your garments so your garments will arrive wrinkle-free! Their partner has over 30 years of experience in the garments industries and reconditioning. Ask their sales team for more info!

Highest service level – FlowFreight: Their service goes far beyond the simple transportation of textiles. They satisfy their customers with personalised concepts and comprehensive, value added services – from processing and finishing to customs clearance. FlowFreight offers a dedicated service by their own trucking company delivering fashion logistics to High-end Streets, throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

•  Fully equipped facilities for hanging garments,

•  Designated flat pack storage areas,

•  Capacity for handling large through put of products,

•  Quality checks and remedial works,

• Kimballing, re-labelling, pre-retail sorting and return logistics services,

•  Fully secure access controlled facilities,

•  The Netherlands & European distribution.

FlowFreight help you move forward!

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