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Flytrans Successfully Executes Time-Sensitive Logistics Operation

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Flytrans recently organized the operation involving the transportation of 1200 tons of coated pipes (L11,60m) from South Germany to French Guiana. (Ports: Antwerp / Degrad des Cannes)


The logistics challenges involved coordinating the movement of 65 trucks and managing the handling and stuffing of the cargo into 65 x 40’ Open Top Containers at the ports of Antwerp and Degrad des Cannes. Each piece of the cargo required meticulous handling due to its sensitivity, adding an extra layer of complexity to the operation.


Despite the tight timeframe of just three weeks, Flytrans successfully executed the entire process. From the kick-off meeting in Antwerp with all the parties, to the pick-up, stuffing, survey, and sailing stages, every aspect of the operation was planned and executed with precision.


Flytrans’s ability to arrange a full logistic operation within such a short timeframe is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their capacity to deliver under pressure. This successful endeavor further solidifies Flytrans’s reputation as a trusted partner for complex logistics challenges.

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