Globalcare Logistics granted full IATA membership!

Globalcare Logistics has been granted their full IATA membership

The IATA membership will allow them to significantly improve their airfreight services and allow them to provide lots of carrier options for their clients

Globalcare Logistics, an AON member in Atlanta and Los Angeles USA, has garnered the prestigious IATA membership. Among various other advantages, the IATA membership will help them maximize the benefits of their airfreight operation by allowing them to provide their customers with competitive airfreight rates and tailored services.

In the words of Anthony Fordham, the President of Globalcare, “We are extremely delighted to receive this significant membership which certainly demonstrates the proficiency and reliability of our team. We are dedicated to providing our customers and partners with innovative, safe, timely and cost-effective solutions and this accreditation will enable us to go us a long way in this regard.”

The membership application has been a long process which started back in February 2017. As of September 26th their endorsement has been finally approved and they have been granted their full IATA membership. “This will help us expand our service offerings to our customers and partners around the globe with even more carrier options and thus continue the growth of our company.” adds Mr. Fordham.

Congratulations to Globalcare Logistics and wishing them the very best for the future!

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