Hellenic Transystems Transports Humanitarian Air Cargo to Armenia

Hellenic Transystems had the rare opportunity to load a humanitarian aid cargo for the people of Armenia who are suffering after the latest events in the region.

It was assigned to them by the Armenian Blue Cross of Greece, a Charitable Association established in 1924

A total 2 X 40 HC were organized and stuffed at the end of January 2021 with final destination being at the Armenian Relief Society CNGO in Yerevan, Armenia.

The humanitarian aid included used and new clothing, footwear, toys for children, blankets, underwear and accessories, as well as some dry food and medical supplies such as wheelchairs, medication, surgical and hospital beds, crutches and walkers, all donated by Greek citizens.

All local origin movements were arranged by Hellenic Transystems and containers sailed from Piraeus Port up to Poti, Georgia. The transit delivery from Poti, Georgia up to the final destination in Yerevan, Armenia was assigned to a local partner in the region.