Intelligence Freight and Nepalaya Logistics Collaborate on a challenging Project Shipment from Shanghai to Nepal

For this shipment the customer requested offloading service only after vessel sailed. The customer was only able provide packing list for cargo details, without any cargo photo nor container loading photo, and they have no idea how the container was stuffed! It was also the first FCL shipment for this consignee so they do not know how to handle it either!

The window they had for this operation was very short! The customs clearance of the cargo was on 6th January and the offloading had to be done on or before 7th January so that the container returns from the Nepal border on the Jan and crosses a bridge between Nepal India border which was to be closed from 9th to 24th for repairs. If the container was stuck then there were truck detention charges involved and they only had 21 days free time from the carrier for container detention or else container detention per day would have been applied.

The container was not accessible to the offloading location and the cargo was stuffed on 20 ft closed top (GP) container. The two pieces were stacked together!

1 Iron shelf 3220×2200×1400mm
1 Iron shelf 3200×2280×806mm

The cargo was sensitive cargo. It was stacked and stuffed on end of the container on a 20 GP container with very limited space which led to the difficulties to offload without any damage. Using forklift/manual labor options was ruled out.

They used lashing best and boom crane to safely pull out the cargo from container without any damage on the container floor/trans loading the same onto a small vehicle.

They took the crane to the offloading location with some civil works on the roads and then finally the cargo was offloaded on the ground as per consignee’s requirement safety.

Nepalaya Logistics and Intelligence Freight worked very closely together to make the right decisions and keep all the parties informed. Thankfully, this was successfully concluded and they delivered a value added service.

Project Details:

  • Details of the load: 1×20’GP
  • Port of Loading: Shanghai
  • Port of Discharge: Kolkata
  • Final Destination: Itahari, Nepal

Container Movement details:

  • Container discharged at Kolkata: 28th of December 2019
  • Container moved from Kolkata: 31st of December 2019
  • Container reported border: 3rd of January 2020 (on weekend)
  • Cut-off date to meet for Nepal operation: 7th of January 2019 (due to the bridge closure for maintenance on Indian side from 9th to 24th of January the container had to pass the bridge before 8th after delivering the cargo)


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