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Langowski Logistics successfully transports vintage T-34-85 tank from Switzerland to the USA

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An impeccable example of logistical excellence is the recent project undertaken by Langowski Logistics from Poland, a member of XLP network, which successfully transported a perfectly preserved, fully operational although demilitarised World War II-era T-34-85 tank from a museum in Switzerland to a consignee in Colorado, USA.

Langowski Logistics met the challenge of transporting such an important military artefact by offering a comprehensive door-to-door service. This included comprehensive logistical planning, fulfilment, and customs support to ensure the tank’s smooth journey.

Marcin Kowalczyk, LCL Air and Sea Forwarding Manager at Langowski Logistics, commented:

“This project involved transport from A to Z, required the preparation of full documentation, and consisted of many stages. Yet, none of these posed any difficulties for us. We have a wealth of experience in military vehicle transports, which demonstrates our unparalleled capabilities in handling Military Cargo and Project Cargo.”

Trip details:

Road transport from Switzerland to Antwerp: The tank’s journey began in Switzerland. It was meticulously placed on a low loader trailer and transported to the port of Antwerp in Belgium.

Sea journey from Antwerp to Galveston:

Using the Ro-ro service, the cargo sailed from Antwerp, arriving at the port of Galveston, Texas.

Final leg to Colorado:

The tank’s odyssey ended with another road trip on a low-loader trailer, culminating in its arrival at its new owner in northern Colorado.

A notable feature of the entire operation was that the tank retained its mobility, which eliminated the need for reloading with specialised equipment.

With this successful venture, Langowski Logistics is not only highlighting its logistical prowess, but also underlining its commitment to preserving and transporting historical artefacts with the utmost care and precision.

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