New Fischer & Rechsteiner Logo Revealed

New Fischer & Rechsteiner Logo Revealed!

Italian Forwarder Fisher & Rechsteiner are proud to introduce their new company logo. With a tradition based on their reliable services and a history dating back to the origin in 1870, they are looking forward to new goals and new steps.

The Fischer & Rechsteiner brand was born for the first time in 1870 in Venice, almost 150 years ago.

Later in 1882, Fischer & Rechsteiner was founded in Switzerland as the first Shipping House of Chiasso, coinciding with the inauguration of the Lucerne-Milan railway line. It then changed from the beginning of the 1900s into “Successors Fischer & Rechsteiner”, and later on it assumed – again in Switzerland – the name “Fischer & Rechsteiner SA” in 1946

In 1953 Fischer & Rechsteiner Sas was established in Lecco (Italy) with the first renewal of the brand and commercial logo. The company then became Fischer & Rechsteiner Srl.

In 1998 the company logo was updated, followed in 2004 by a change in the name and in the company form: it passed from “Fischer & Rechsteiner Lecco” to “Fischer & Rechsteiner Company Spa”. The company, in addition to having shareholdings in other foreign companies, founded in the following years with its own brand Fischer & Rechsteiner do Brasil the Fischer & Rechsteiner Tunisie. Meanwhile, the name “Fischer & Rechsteiner” was officially registered as a brand.

Further to the corporate changes of the last few years, Fischer & Rechsteiner Company Spa (wholly Italian owned company) has acquired the totality of the capital of Fischer & Rechsteiner SA of Chiasso, and is today the Parent Company and the only exclusive owner of the brand and of the logo “Fischer & Rechsteiner” worldwide.












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