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Norman Express Limited to change its name to Forward by Norman Limited

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Norman Express Limited has been in business for some time now. In fact, recently they  celebrated their 20th anniversary on 1st April 2015. Norman would like to first thank everyone at the AON network for all the support you have given in the past.

That being said, they are here to share some very exciting news with everyone. As of 1st August 2015. Norman Express Limited (in Hong Kong) will change its name to Forward By Norman Limited. They will transfer all their forwarding businesses to their new company’s brand. Norman Express Limited built a great foundation for the past twenty years. It is time to take Norman to the next level and re-brand as Forward By Norman Limited. They have already created new business cards, brochures and a website. These are all part of Norman’s new identity and will be the future of our logistics business. They would love to show you our new brochures, business cards and website in person at the next network meeting. To be very clear, most of their current operations, procedures, contacts will stay the same. There shouldn’t be any difference between relationships and business. The owners of Norman Express Limited and all staff members are the same as Forward By Norman Limited. But the minor things like AWB, invoice, booking form and all other documents will have their new Forward By Norman Limited’s logo on them.

In the meantime, Norman Express (China) Limited in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China will remain the same as usual, including the owners, business registration, office locations, management, staffs, documents, formalities and etc. You may expect to work with the familiar staffs, hear the familiar voices in phone conference. More importantly, Norman Express (China) Limited will continue to be affiliated with Forward by Norman, as it has always been affiliated with Norman Express Limited before.

They are hoping to get some support from you to make sure we can meet our launch date on 1st August 2015. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email them. They will do their best to make sure this transitional period goes smoothly.

Please note their new e-mail addresses is as follows:

Anthony Sze (Business Development Manager)

E-mail: [email protected]

Ms. Queenie Cheung

E-mail: [email protected]

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