Phoenix ECTS Limited joins AON with 3 offices in Greece!

We are happy to introduce our latest AerOceaNetwork (AON) member offices in Greece:

Phoenix ECTS Limited (Piraeus, Greece)

Phoenix ECTS Limited (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Phoenix ECTS Limited (Athens Airport, Greece)

Akti Miaouli 85, Piraeus, 185 38. Greece
Tel : +30 210 4290444
Fax : +30 210 4290493
Website :

Contact : Athanassios G. Carayannis, CEO

Brief description : Founded 1991, in Athens/Piraeus-Greece as a freight forwarder offering sea, air and road transport to the European market, PHOENIX has grown to a corporation enabling global trade by freight forwarding without national, modal and administrative frontiers, led by expertise knowledge and compliance to international norms, standards and industry best practices. Currently PHOENIX, an AEO accredited organisation and IATA Cargo Agent, manages safely quality and environmentally compliant logistics. Its service portfolio encompasses complete range of multi-modal mainstream and specialty freight services in Global markets, for all types of unitized, loose and bulk cargo, augmented by value adding services and conducted by competent human resources through ERP, CRM and EDI automation . PHOENIX has been the first freight forwarder in Greece to be accredited with Quality standards ISO-9002:1994 and the first with ISO-9001:2008 certification. The company environmental policy, responsive to the needs of its customers, has driven PHOENIX Quality Management System to include also environmental control standards ISO-14001:2004, as part of the understood responsibility to minimize social costs and support green customers and the challenge for green supply chains. PHOENIX is also the first forwarder in Greece with Accredited Business Ethics Conduct and certified for Social Responsibility by the European Business Ethics Network.

We welcome Phoenix to the AON team!