PIF Global Logistics Ltd. is delighted to share the prestigious awards received over the past few years!

PIF Global Logistics Ltd. China is delighted to share that the company has received an award during the past few years from 2020 to 2022. Here’s a glimpse of the remarkable awards the company has earned:

Year 2022:

– Polar Air Cargo Diamond Award for outstanding sales achievement in Shenzhen.

– Excellence Award granted by Korean Air Cargo.

Year 2021:

– Rank No.20 in Air Freight Forwarders across the whole of China.

– Outstanding Customer of the Year granted by Hainan Airlines.

– 10 million Dollar Sales Award granted by China Airlines.

Year 2020:

– Top Agents granted by UPS Air Cargo (2020-2022).

– Best Sales Agent granted by Turkish Cargo (2020-2021).

Congratulations to PIF Global Logistics Ltd. on the awards!