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Wellfast Logistics Moves Air Shipments from China to Saudi Arabia

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Before the China Spring Festival of 2022, Wellfast Logistics moved 2 lots of air shipment, total volume of 102.126 CBM, from Shanghai, China to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

First lots

827 CTNS

8,391 KGS

60.81 CBM (too much size of 827 ctns)

ETD: 18th January

Second lots

24 plts

529 CTNS

5,577 KGS

41.316 CBM

ETD: 22nd January

  • 120 X 100 X 120 CM X1
  • 120 X 100 X 100 CM X1
  • 120 X 100 X 150 CM X 8
  • 120 X 100 X 146 CM X7
  • 120 X 100 X 143 CM X7

Port of Loading: Shanghai (PVG)

Port of Discharge: Jeddah (JED)

The challenge of this move was with the first lot cargo. It had been loading in 40 HQ containers in the container terminal. However, this cargo was very urgent, so the customer wanted to move it by air.

As the spring festival was coming soon, it was very difficult to find trucks and drivers because their availability was very tight. Finally, they find drivers. Our team went to the airport warehouse to unload all cargo and did the weighting by ourselves.

Conclusion of our challenges

  • Finding a truck and driver to pick up the container with cargo from the container terminal.
  • Flight was very tight to move. The volume was 102.126 CBM.
  • Finally, the 18th and 22nd of January. The flights moved all cargoes.
  • The first lot of cargo was inspected by customs during the special time and tight time to catch the flight on the 18th of January.


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