Pacific Link International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. in China joins AON

We are happy to introduce our latest AerOceaNetwork (AON) member office in Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and Xiamen, China:

Pacific Link International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
Room No.704, Yaojiang International Mansion, No.308, Wu song Road Shanghai City

Tel : +86-21-60317066
Fax : +86-21-60317060
Website :

Contact : Maple Ye, Customer Service Manager

Brief description : Pacific Link International Freight Forwarding Company Ltd (PL), is a rapidly growing customer-oriented firm in the industry. They started in Shanghai and now provide worldwide services from the major ports in PRC and South East Asia. PL provides a full scope of logistics services and act as a trouble-shooter for you in all logistics-related issues. They position themselves not only as a service provider but rather as a business partner with their customers. Being a partner, they provide their best services to make their customer successful. In a world of increasingly market demand, they understand that price is not the only factor that dominates. They must therefore establish a high service level to their staff and maintain the following competences that differentiate them from their competitors. They have their own contracts with carriers, which enables them to maintain competitive rates with space assurance in the market; Investment in information technology, providing an on-line booking system, user-friendly sailing schedules enquiry system and cargo tracking system. It improves the effectiveness of the information flow and thus provides their customers a tool in the cargo management and shipment plan; With on time detailed reports and internal control system in all aspect, it enables them to provide reliable and smooth service that matches the company brand. To be a leading firm in the industry, they inevitably have to continuously seeking room to improve. They believe this is the only way to meet your needs at all time. Their services include:  Air Freight Forwarding  Sea Freight Forwarding  Air-Sea Combined Transport  Consolidation  Haulage  Warehousing  Custom Clearance  Distribution and Delivery  Insurance

We welcome Pacific Link International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. to the AON team!