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In Loving Memoriam of Stavros Sampsonakis

Posted on : 25 October 2023

We are sadden to inform everyone that Stavros Sampsonakis of Hellenic Transystems who is a long time member of AON has passed away. He is the father of Faye Sampsonakis; she would like to send...

Langowski Logistics successfully transports vintage T-34-85 tank from Switzerland to the USA

Posted on : 25 October 2023

An impeccable example of logistical excellence is the recent project undertaken by Langowski Logistics from Poland, a member of XLP network, which successfully transported a perfectly preserved, fully operational although demilitarised World War II-era T-34-85...

Langowski Logistics Delivers Luxury Yacht “Granturismo 36” from Poland to Nigeria

Posted on : 19 October 2023

In a remarkable logistics achievement, Langowski Logistics has successfully delivered a luxury yacht to its new home in Nigeria. The Granturismo 36, a modern and elegant yacht, was safely transported as part of Langowski Logistics'...

Delman Shipping’s Successful Oil and Gas Cargo Movement

Posted on : 25 September 2023

Delman Shipping LLC successfully executed a shipment of cargo, identified as 540 CBM, for one of their prestigious Oil and gas Clients. The cargo was moved from Dubai to China. Their operation included surveying the...

Langowski Logistics Launches Langowski Warehouses and Marks 19 Years of Success!

Posted on : 21 September 2023

Last weekend was special for the Langowski Logistics team, because on Saturday the official inauguration of the new brand - Langowski Warehouses took place, combined with the celebration of the 19th birthday of Langowski Logistics!...

Amrus Logistics Successfully Completed the Shipment of Komatsu Dump Trucks to Paldiski!

Posted on : 13 September 2023

Amrus Logistics successfully completed the shipment of Komatsu Dump Trucks from Chicago to Paldiski, with further delivery to Uzbekistan. This was the second time the Amrus Logistics team consolidated freight in the port of Chicago...

What’s new in CargoWise Customs: September 2023

Posted on : 13 September 2023

Trade professionals are operating in what is an increasingly complex legal and commercial environment, all while having to remain highly productive, commercially competitive, and customer service focused. More worryingly, accidental, or intentional breaches of these...

International Fresh Forwarder Delivers Agricultural Machinery to Algeria

Posted on : 8 September 2023

International Fresh Forwarder has effectively managed the transportation of agricultural machinery for the peanut industry, manufactured in Argentina, utilizing 2x20 flat rack equipment. These cargos were successfully transported from Buenos Aires to Algeria, representing a...

HP Global Vietnam: Overview of Vietnam Logistics

Posted on : 29 August 2023

General information about Vietnam Vietnam Geography: Vietnam is located on the eastern margin of the Indochinese peninsula, it borders the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the Pacific Ocean, along with China, Laos,...