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Element Int’l Forwarding & Logistic Ltd moves locomotive

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Element Int’l Forwarding & Logistic Ltd was requested to ship one Plasser machine from Gebze Train Station to Port Gemlik and then to Vigo, Spain by a breakbulk carrier. The cargo was a Plasser & Theurer Machine and the project route was from Köseköy, Turkey to Portugal via Vigo, Spain. Element Int’l Forwarding & Forwarding were responsible are the inland transportation to Autoport, followed by three cranes and railway delivery with a locomotive from Gebze Train Station to Köseköy, Turkey. The total weight was 62 tons and 22 meters. They also encountered a problem where the field size was too restricted to properly load the cargo on a 18 axles of Hydraulic Lowbed with three cranes, so they had to move the machine by a locomotive to another available train station. The exit from the field was also too restricted to make a U-turn to exit, necessitating the removal of the door and a mast to provide a sufficient angle for the U-turn.

Once they delivered the machine to the port, they devanned the machine onto a 72 inch MAFI using cranes and finished the lashing operation with 28 chains and 6 x 3 meter wooden beams.




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