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Global Freight Management handles freezer units

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Global Freight Management team handled successfully a project cargo based on ex works from the Netherlands to Malaysia. This shipment is part of a bigger project they are handling at the moment for their customer.

They arranged all logistics services from the shipper’s warehouse up to Port Klang. Firstly, they loaded the cargo on special lower-bed trucks due the over-height and over-weight of the cargo to their lash & secure partner in the Port of Rotterdam. There, they did the crane handling and loading the units on the flat racks. After they finished the lashing and securing process, they delivered the cargo on time to the Port of Rotterdam for the oversea journey to Port Klang, Malaysia.

Commodity: Meatball spiral freezer unit

Equipment: 4x 40’flat racks + 1x 40ft. dry


Section 1 Length: 7,95m / Width: 3,25m / Height: 3,55m (OW/OH)

Section 2 Length: 7,95m / Width: 1,9m / Height: 3,80m (OH)

Section 3 Length: 7,9m / Width: 2,65m / Height: 3,80m (OW/OH)

Section 4 Length: 7,95m / Width: 3,35m / Height: 3,80m (OW/OH)

1x 40ft. spare parts

Total Weight: 36.5 tons

GFM project team and partners handled this very smoothly and everything was well organized. Because of this, they are now the nominated forwarder for the whole project!



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