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Mercomar load one parcel of Project Cargo destined to Altamita port in Mexico

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Projects Details:
• POL: Marghera, Venice, Italy
• POD: Altamira, Mexico
• Distance: 5,301 NM
• Total weight: 219,326 kg.
Commodities: 22 packages consisted of 2 parallelepipedal body and 20 structural wooden boxes

Loading Stages:
The vessel arrived at Venice roads and berthed at Porto Marghera, Transped Terminal, on 8th Jan 2020 at about 0100 hrs. Loading stages commenced at 0800hrs and was completed at 1610hrs. Lashing Operations, carried out both by the crew and a shore gang (welding stages only) commenced with loading stages and completed at about 1820hrs.

Lifting Operations:
performed by 1x mobile shore crane with a lifting weight of 100 tons. Based upon the involved weights, employment of this means warranted the regular feasibility of the nominated lifting.

Lifted Devices:
• Beams: transversal lifting beam 4m/100 t WLL supplied with 4x 50 t WLL soft grommets/4x 25 t WLL shackles.
• Boxes: in capacity steel slings passed as basket hitches

Lashing Stages: Lashing operations, carried out both by the crew and a shore gang (welding stages only)


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