Ningbo Hundred Percent International Freight Ltd. completes shipment from China to Albania

Ningbo Hundred Percent International Freight Ltd completed a complicated shipment from Lianyungang, China to Durres, Albania. The commodity was a steam boiler with a total volume of 93.79 CBM, there were 36 packages, with a total weight of 33,048 kgs. The cargo was loaded on a 1 x 20 GP and a 1 x 40 FR. Ningbo Hundred Percent International had to negotiate with the carrier to dispatch 40 FR container in time due to the fact that the Lianyungang port did not have this container during this particular period. They also needed to disassemble parts from the big machine bioler to complete the loading because keeping the load balance was vital this transportation.

The dimensions of the parts are as follows:

Boiler body – 6000×2700×3600 mm

Blower – 830×850×900 mm

Steam manifold – 650×300×2900 mm

Slag extractor – 4600×610×1500 mm

Platform escalator railing – 2600×700×600 mm

Induced draft fan – 2100×1800×1950 mm

Three Chimneys – 450×450×4600 mm

Chimney – 450×450×1500 mm