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UPDATE: Important Announcement

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In light of the feedback we have received to the previous announcement, we have spoken to Keystone Partners Ltd and agreed some more favorable terms for our members.

The amendment will be as follows:

For any invoices that become overdue in a given month, the Overdue Payment Alert System. must be completed on or before the 15th of the following month. Therefore if an invoice is issued on the 19th May and the due date is 19th June. The form must be completed on or before the 15th July (if the invoice is still overdue).

I would also like to take this opportunity to address some other concerns:

  • We do also appreciate this creates some additional work, for us also. The reason for the alert system is to keep track of anyone struggling and be able to intervene quicker. The purpose is simply to be able to react quicker and protect our members.
  • The official claim will still be submitted and processed on the previous timeframe of 90-150days. This system is just to alert us if there any issues so we can intervene and assist with collections.
  • We only need to know about overdue invoices and this can be submitted just once per month on the 15th.
  • The protection coverage remains as the same amount. Nothing has changed in that regard, we’re just asking people to alert us sooner.
  • The system has not been created to cheat people out of their coverage. The aim is just to help protect everyone and be able to intervene earlier if payment problems do occur. These are uncertain times, so we just want to be aware of any agent who is having persistent late payments etc.

We are currently working to integrate this system into our website member area. So please do make sure you have access to https://aeroceanetwork.net/my-network/. If anyone has any issues with their username and password, please contact your Membership Coordinator and we can assist with this.

Many thanks for your kind support.

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